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the skills and desire to be an executive of an organization that seeks to make a positive change?

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positions within the non-profit or healthcare sector. We’ll closely examine your resume to discern
your skill set and reach out to you about any matching opportunities as they become available.
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Passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but are intrigued and open to the opportunity, divulge their information in a highly confidential manner to SSI and the search committee. If a passive candidate thinks that their confidentiality could be breached at any time in the process, they would probably not agree to move forward in the process.

SSI is very proud of their 100% success rate of protecting a candidate’s confidentiality. Passive candidates are comforted by SSI’s track record in confidentiality protection and are more likely to agree to proceed with the process. All information shared with the search committee is for “their eyes only.” It is imperative that the staff and rest of the board understand this critical point and protect the integrity of the search process.