Michael Ashcroft is originally from the UK, and is an Executive Recruiter at Sterling Search Inc. He has been in the executive search/staffing industry since 2008. 

Michael worked in the music industry in England as a musician, songwriter and producer, touring extensively in the UK and other parts of Europe. Interest in his music brought him to the US. Soon after his arrival in California an opportunity in the photofinishing industry arose and Michael spent the next 15 years running his own photofinishing delivery business, Patriot Deliveries, as a subcontractor to Fujicolor Laboratories in San Diego and Los Angeles. During this period Michael wrote and produced a CD for his own band, EGO. This CD garnered a great deal of interest and continues to sell all over the world.

In 2007, as a new member of the British American Business Council – Orange County, Michael soon became acquainted with Sarah Agee, former Chairman and President of that organization and President of Sterling Search Inc. The arrival of digital photography signaled the end of film photo processing so, when Sarah asked Michael whether he would be interested in joining Sterling Search, he was delighted to do so.

Although born in England, Michael spent most of his childhood abroad, being educated in the Netherlands and Sweden before finally returning to England to finish his secondary education at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. He currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA, and has a son, daughter and granddaughter all residing in California.