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Position Overview

Founded by Magda Gerber in 1978, Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE®) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the work of its founding Director.  The organization grew out of an emerging public interest in the Educaring Approach® she created for parenting that was the first of its kind in the United States to focus on infants.

Her approach is based on respect for infants as complete human beings from birth. She encouraged parents to trust their child to develop at their own pace and in their own time. She shared a strong belief in free and natural movement for the child, allowing them to find balance both physically and emotionally within the context of secure, caring, and respectful relationships.  She discouraged the use of equipment like bouncers, swings and infant seats that restrains the child’s movements for long periods of time. Her use of open-ended simple materials during play allows the child to explore all the possibilities for how things work more than the educational type toys that often limits the child’s curiosity.

As a popular lecturer and teacher, Mrs. Gerber’s work greatly influenced the field of early childhood education in the early years of infant group care. An indepth explanation of the philosophy is contained in books written by Magda – Your Self-Confident Baby and Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect. Another popular book edited by Magda is The RIE Manual with Expanded Edition edited by Deborah Greenwald and Joan Weaver.

Magda Gerber’s philosophy, originally disseminated at the grassroots level in the 1970s and 1980s, was far ahead of its time. It is only in recent years that the value of her revolutionary recommendations for childrearing has been more widely recognized, attracting a significant following and now practiced by parents around the world.

Today, RIE® (pronounced “rye”) is an international nonprofit agency that teaches, supports, and mentors parents and professionals, offering a variety of classes, workshops, conferences, and mentoring opportunities that support adults and babies in their lives together.

To date, nearly 100% of RIE’s annual budget comes from earned revenue generated by fees for classes and the national conference. The Board sees tremendous value in expanding its mission, awareness and outreach to many, many more parents around the world. The Board has invested in a strategic planning process to determine these opportunities for expansion which include but are not limited to:

  • a well-orchestrated international marketing and social media plan;
  • opening new class sites;
  • continuing to expand the marketing of its retail products and professional development tools;
  • Creating an online back-office platform to support the growth of its Associates’ businesses, allowing them to focus on what they do best “teaching”.

RIE® seeks a Chief Executive Officer who can take the organization to its next level in community building and program expansion, enhanced by significantly increasing and diversifying its revenue. The CEO will be a visionary leader who can conceptualize a vision and translate it into a workable plan with determined goals and accountabilities with its Board of Directors, staff and volunteers.

This position represents a phenomenal opportunity to lead a growing organization boasting a skilled corps of 50 professionals known as the RIE Associates, as well as parents and caregivers; an engaged and active Board of Directors, and a small yet dedicated staff. While RIE®’s annual budget is modest (approx. $500k), its cause, appeal, and Associate base are global.

The new CEO will demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, a profound connection to the mission, experience in building community through marketing and social media, and a solid track record of managing programs, volunteers, and staff during expansion of services. RIE® is ready for a leader who will bring Magda Gerber’s legacy of intelligent, civil childrearing to today’s generation of parents and caregivers in Southern California, the United States, and around the world. As Magda said, “The way we care for our babies is how they experience our love.”



Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The CEO is the business executive for RIE® and reports directly to the Board Chair. RIE® has a volunteer President Board Member, Polly Elam, who oversees all matters relating to the Educaring Approach®, its standards and programming.   The CEO will be charged with building on RIE®’s track record of success by further developing the organization’s business vision, and achieving its goals for continued financial stability, community engagement and enhancing the impact of its program and mission. The CEO will be the chief spokesperson representing RIE® to many constituencies, both internal and external. In addition to the operational/financial/administrative duties, the scope of responsibility includes oversight of, marketing, community relations, fund development, program growth and long-range planning.  This individual will maintain a balanced culture which combines the richness and relevance of programs with the efficacy of best business practices, fiscal accountability, and institutional impact.

  • Lead a collaborative process with the Board of Directors and its committees, executing decisions effectively and ensuring that the Board of Directors and its committees are informed of critical developments in a timely and effective manner
  • Collaborate closely with the Board of Directors and staff to create organizational vision, and a comprehensive international marketing and business strategy thereby diversify its revenue and then execute it
  • Continue to support the development and cultivation of a strong Board of Directors representative of the diverse community
  • Raise the public profile of the agency by serving as the spokesperson and advocate for the organization, as well as being a visible, visionary and influential leader in the community
  • Continuously assess the needs of its Associates and create a social media/internet community to support them.
  • Create, oversee and maintain a dynamic marketing campaign including a strong social media/internet brand presents.
  • Direct administrative personnel to ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed with competent employees
  • Manage and implement an effective performance management system for all employees that will include setting objectives and evaluation on an annual basis
  • Define and execute the strategy of effectively mobilizing volunteers
  • Oversee and execute programmatic excellence by establishing operational benchmarks and setting timelines to achieve strategic goals
  • Continually review and evaluate programs with the President and report findings to the Board of Directors accordingly
  • Manage, monitor and oversee all financial reporting, including management of budget and revenue; oversee facilities, risk management and operational management
  • Lead, motivate, manage and develop board, staff and associates to invoke passion about the agency’s mission, and foster an environment committed to continuous improvement
  • Execute all other reasonable duties as assigned by the Board Chair


Professional Experience and Qualifications

We are seeking candidates offering the following qualifications:

  • Passion for the mission
  • Imagination, vision, leadership and integrity
  • A minimum of 3-5 years senior management experience with increasing levels of responsibility and management of staff, preferably with a nonprofit and direct stewardship of Boards of Directors
  • A demonstrated ability to effectively grow an organization and/or division
  • A demonstrated ability to plan and operate strategically, build public support, strengthen infrastructure, inspire staff as well as the board of directors, and to develop effective programs
  • Exceptional financial, organizational and administrative skills
  • Must have excellent fiscal, cash flow and similar size or larger P&L experience
  • The ability to set goals and objectives, with strong execution and follow-through skills
  • Must have outstanding writing and oral communication skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively with and gain the respect and support of varied and changing constituencies including staff, Board members, potential donors, volunteers and other related organizations or individuals as required
  • Demonstrated experience in marketing and creating and implementing an effective social media/marketing campaign
  • Professional fundraising experience or a history of chairing fundraising programs as a volunteer with demonstrated results
  • A team leader with a track record in managing a staff inclusive of hiring, rewarding and retaining talent and providing empowerment to the entire team
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities and to operate both independently and hands-on with the flexibility to be part of a team
  • Computer literate: Knowledge of Word and Excel and adaptability to learn database software


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • Commitment to the mission and work of the agency with the credibility and persuasiveness to secure support from others
  • A manager who leads by example and exemplifies the values and ethics of the organization
  • An organized individual with strong creative and conceptual skills
  • A doer who functions effectively without being autocratic or political; must be a team player who is inclusive, flexible, creative, energetic and fair minded
  • A decisive and resourceful individual who will accept responsibility and take charge of results, as well as work successfully with limited resources
  • A self-starter who is confident enough to express opinions, to forge ahead when appropriate and hold back when necessary, with a sensitivity to the feelings and opinions of others
  • An energetic person who is emotionally mature and dependable; a collegial individual


Required:  Bachelor’s degree

Preferred:  Graduate degree


A competitive compensation package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.


Sterling Search, Inc. info@sterlingsearchinc.com  –  714-433-7042

Direct all correspondence emails and telephone calls to Sterling Search, Inc.

Any resumes sent or telephone calls made to RIE® will be redirected to Sterling Search, Inc.

Resources for Infant Educarers is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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